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EasyWaySMS re-defines Web SMS messaging, giving you the most powerful application that has ever been developed for Web SMS whether for Bulk SMS Messaging, Wedding Announcement & Invitations, Events and Meeting, Birthday Announcement and Invitation, Special Seasons Greetings, Political Campaign and Awareness, Product Launch and Sales Promotions, etc, you will find out that EasyWaySMS is an indispensable tool!

The system is spiced up with so much functions that will keep you asking why such application has not been developed before now! It gives you a whole world of ease of use as it delivers your messages with speed of light 'in the palms' of your recipients.

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What Makes EasyWaySMS Unique!

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Seamless Credit Purchase
  • Multi-Network Coverage
  • Save Message for future use
  • Detailed Delivery Report
  • Credit Transactions History
  • Capacity for SMS message schedule
  • Uses Revolutionary Web 2.0 Technologies For Utmost Ease Of Use

Method of Payment

  • Bank: You can buy SMS units using our bank and your account will be credited with SMS within 24 hours after payment.
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  • SMS PinCode : With our SMS pincode you can recharge your SMS account instantly
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Our Pricing

S/N SMS Quantity Range Amount Per Unit
1 1 - 999 ₦2.50k
2 1000 - 4999 ₦2.30k
3 5000 - 14999 ₦2.10k
4 15000 - 1000000 ₦2.00k
You may use the SMS Unit Calculator above to get the exact price for your purchase.